Tutoring Permission Form

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The School is now adapting a new platform to enhance your child’s learning experience and for him/her to be able to cope up in subjects that they are having difficulty with. Our tutorial programs which will be conducted after school hours. Along with this plan, we want to sincerely ask for your cooperation by giving permission for your child to attend this tutorial program.


By completing this form and returning it to us, you express your agreement to the program as well as to its rules and guidelines. Also, you can always call our school office to ask for more information about your child’s performance or about this program.


Thank you so much!


Subject to be tutored in: [put subject here]



%child_first_name% %child_last_name% has permission to stay after school for tutoring. I understand that if my student is not on time or is disruptive during tutoring he/she will no longer be able to participate. My student also understands that it is his or her responsibility to come to tutoring prepared and ready to learn so that we can use our time effectively. Please check your choice among the options below.


My student will be riding the activity bus home.
I will be picking my child up after the tutoring hours.