Technology Acceptable Use Policy Agreement and Permission Form

We are pleased to offer students access to technology resources for educational purposes, which may include computer hardware and software licensed to the school. For this reason, each year all students must obtain parental permission as verified by the signatures on this agreement. Should a parent prefer that a student not have e-mail and Internet access, the use of the computer is still possible for more traditional purposes such as word processing.


Internet, E-mail, Smartphones

Access to the Internet and e-mail will enable students to explore thousands of libraries, databases, museums, and other repositories of information and to exchange personal communication with other Internet users around the world. FAMILIES SHOULD BE AWARE THAT SOME MATERIAL ACCESSIBLE VIA THE INTERNET MAY CONTAIN ITEMS THAT ARE ILLEGAL, DEFAMATORY, INACCURATE, OR POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE. While the purpose of the school is to use Internet resources for constructive educational goals, students may find ways to access other materials.

We believe that the benefits to students from access to the Internet outweigh the disadvantages. Ultimately, however, parents and guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using media and information sources. Therefore, we support and respect each family’s right to decide whether or not to allow for access.

What is expected?

Students are responsible for appropriate behavior on the school’s computer network just as they are in a classroom or on a school playground. Communications on the network are often public in nature. General school rules for behavior and communications apply. The use of technology resources is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused. The user is personally responsible for his/her actions in accessing and utilizing the school’s technology resources. The students are expected never to access, keep, or send anything that they would not want their parents or teachers to see.

What are the Rules of Appropriate Use?

  • Personal Safety and Personal Privacy – Students should not post personal contact information about themselves.
  • Social Networking – Accessing social networking websites, blogs, video sites ( Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., except those used for educational purposes) are off-limits on school property. Trying to use other software to circumvent school network security is prohibited.
  • Illegal copying – Students should never download or install any commercial software, shareware, or freeware onto network drives or disks. Nor should students copy other people’s work or intrude into other people’s files. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted materials, threatening, violent, or obscene material, or material protected by trade secrets.
  • Inappropriate materials or language – No profane, abusive or impolite language should be used to communicate nor should materials be accessed which are not in line with the rules of school behavior. Should students encounter such material by accident, they should report it to their teacher immediately. Use of smartphones to transmit unacceptable language and/or images that are harmful to self, other students, and/or to other people are prohibited.


These are guidelines to follow to prevent the loss of technology privileges at school.

  • Do not use technology to harm yourself, other people or their work.
  • Do not damage the network or any technology resource in any way.
  • Do not interfere with the network or computer operation by installing any form of software..
  • Do not violate copyright laws.
  • Do not view, send or display offensive and obscene messages or pictures.
  • Do not share your password or in any way obtain another person’s password.
  • Do not waste technology resources such as disk space or printing supplies.
  • Do not trespass in another’s folders, work or files.
  • Do notify an adult immediately if you encounter materials violative of the Rules.
  • BE PREPARED to be held accountable for your actions and for the loss of privileges for any wrong doing on the use of the resources.



As a parent/legal guardian, I have read the above information on the appropriate use of technology at school and we understand this agreement will be signed each year and kept on file. (Questions should be directed to the principal for clarification.)

Name of the Child/Student:  %child_first_name% %child_last_name%

Parent/Guardian’s Permission Checklist:


My child may use the Internet and e-mail while at school according to the rules outlined.
I would prefer that my child not use the Internet and e-mail while at school.
I understand that from time-to-time the school may wish to publish examples of student projects, photographs of students, and other work on an Internet accessible World Wide Web server.
My child’s work can be published on the school website/Internet.
My child’s work cannot be published on the school website/Internet.
Photographs of my child can be used or published on the school website/Internet.
Photographs of my child cannot be used or published on the school website/Internet.