Student Laptop/Chrome book Check-Out Form (This form is to be signed before a laptop is checked out to a student.)

Program Description:

It is the school’s standard policy that we do not allow students to take school computers home. However, on special rare occasions, the administration may grant an exception to this policy. In the event, a student is granted permission to take a school computer home they must have a parent sign this form acknowledging that they are financially responsible for the computer until it is returned to the school.


Conditions of Participation:

I understand that by taking possession of a school computer (laptop or Chromebook) for use at home, students are responsible for the computer and all its accessories. I will reimburse the school for any damages if the computer or any software installed is damaged, lost, or stolen while checked out to my child. Moreover, students expressly agree to the following provisions in this document:

  • I will not alter any settings or configurations on the computer.
  • I understand the check-out period for a laptop is limited.
  • I also understand the laptop must be checked back into the front office.
  • I understand that no one, except me,  will be held responsible for any damage or loss of data or media due to any cause while I am using the issued laptop.
  • I must report to the technology staff all malfunctions that I might encounter.
  • I understand that I will use the computer in accordance with the Acceptable Use and Internet Use Policies.
  • I acknowledge that the computer is to be used only by me.
  • I acknowledge that I am not to attempt to fix, open, or replace parts on the computer.



By affixing herein my name and signature, I hereby give my consent to %child_first_name%  %child_last_name% to bring the school’s laptop or Chromebook and agree to the policy already mentioned above for the safe use and safekeeping of the said school’s property.