Simple Classroom-related Walking Permission Slip

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We consider that there are times that we allow our students to take out-of-the-school activities to encourage their awareness of the things outside the four corners of a classroom. This includes unplanned walk on a neighboring park, library, and places that will help them in their cognitive development. In these walks, we always consider the safety of your child as the first priority.

For this reason, we want to ask your consent for %child_first_name% %child_last_name% to participate in these activities. By signing this permission slip, you are giving the school teachers or staff members permission to take your child on a walk to a particular place. If you choose not to have your child participate in this activity, please indicate your choice below.


I give​ my child permission to participate in walking field trips.
My child cannot​ participate in walking field trips for this reason/s: