School Measures on the Use of Electronic Device Within School Premises

Dear Parent,

We have taken certain measures in order for us to ascertain whether you consent for your child to bring any electronic devices within our school’s premises. If so, kindly complete the form included herein. But first, what follows are the rules we observe bin order to safeguard your child while he or she is in our school:

  • Because of the risk of lost, damaged, or inappropriate use, we highly discouraged our pupils from bringing their electronic devices at school. We can always provide real-time updates of your child by calling the school office. In any case, the school will not be responsible for loss or damage to mobile phones.
  • By way of an exception, parents must complete this permission slip and hand it to the class teacher so that his or her child may be allowed to bring phones in the school. With this, the parent must make sure that the phones should be clearly marked with their child’s name.
  • Pupils must hand their phones to their class teacher when they arrive at school for safekeeping until the end of the school day.
  • Offenses with regard to the bringing or using any electronic devices within the school’s premises are a serious matter and will be dealt with accordingly.


We can work together to keep your child safe. Electronic devices, especially those that are capable of connecting to the internet have tremendous help as well as risks.

Hence, we implore you to let your child understand the proper use of these devices. We strongly recommend that you enable parental controls on your child’s phone, and talk to your child about how to stay safe online.


%child_first_name% %child_last_name% can bring his or her electronic device to school every day. I have fully understood the rules provided regarding this matter and will take full responsibility for it.