Permission Slip for Musical Field Trips

Dear  Parents/Guardians, 

We want to inform you that the school will be hosting a musical field trip for our students on the schedule provided below. This letter has been sent to you because your child will be one of those who will be joining this trip. We believe that these activities will greatly help your child’s cognitive as well as behavioral development. However, we also want to express our respect to the parent’s authority and control over their children. That is why we make sure that every participant of this musical field trip will have to complete this permission slip. 

  • Field Trip Date:
  • Departure Time:
  • Departure Location:
  • Cost per student:
  • Cost per chaperone
  • Due Date:

Payments in full can be made AT ANY TIME, either in cash / check or through this app. For payments made in check, please make it payable to:



I hereby agree that %child_first_name%  %child_last_name% will attend and participate during the field trip. I also agree that my child should commit him/herself to the trip and should submit to the guidelines and rules provided by the facilitators.