Permission Slip for a Church Field Trip

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter is to inform you of the church’s upcoming event. We have provided you with the specific details with the hope that you can make good judgment whether you would allow your child/children to join this event.

  1. Activity/Event
  2. Date
  3. Cost
  4. Contact Person/s
  5. Special Instructions



%child_first_name%  %child_last_name%  has my permission to participate in the Church field trip. He/she will abide by the rules that are set forth by the organizers. I understand that neither the church nor the facilitators will be responsible for personal injury/ies to my son/daughter or loss or damage to his/her personal property. I further understand that my signature authorizes emergency medical treatment to be administered, if necessary.

I will also be responsible for the damage to personal property and injury to other people caused by my son/daughter.


Emergency Contact Person
Emergency Phone Number