Parent Permission Form for Student\’s Participation in Social Media

Dear Parents,


Our institution acknowledges that there has been a great change in the present academic landscape. As of the present, it is no longer enough that our students will remain in a traditional classroom setup. We need to prepare our students to engage the world around them and to open their perspectives to see the world as diverse and inclusive. 


For this reason, this school year we wanted to help our students develop their reading, writing, mathematical skills, as well as cultivate a culture of seeing the big picture. We want them to see the world little by little through the use of social media platforms. As we have seen, social media has been a diverse environment. Hence, we will take advantage of this. Our teachers and students are going to participate in using a variety of social media applications (blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.) via the Internet. When students can safely share their ideas with an audience broader than just our classroom, often they can discover their voice and become even more motivated to learn, communicate, and share their ideas effectively with others.


With this in mind, we also recognize that there are inherent risks in using social media for academic instructions, especially for our students. We always put the safety of our students on top priority. We adhere to strict implementation of some guidelines in accordance with our School Policy on the use of social media for academic purposes. To protect student privacy and ensure safety throughout all projects we will:


  1. Only use students’ first names in identifying student’s works and ideas;
  2. Not use pictures of individual students if pictures will be posted in social media;
  3. Only use GROUP pictures of students who do not identify individuals by name if we share pictures of students working in class, on campus, or at community events where the school is involved.


Finally, we encourage you to visit our social media sites to learn more about  the school’s program for our students, teachers, and parents to become 21st-century learners. 




If you have questions please contact your %child_first_name%’s teacher. Please complete, sign, and return the bottom of this form to your teacher as soon as possible. Thanks!


Student’s Name:  %child_first_name% %child_last_name%


YES, my child has my permission to participate in teacher-moderated, internet-based social media projects this year. My child may participate in the planned collaborative activities outlined here.
NO, my child does not have permission to participate in these activities.