Classroom Pets Permission Slip

Dear Parents,


We are very proud to inform you that we are integrating into our learning experience how to take care of animals. We believe that through this your child will learn so much about caring for others. This program is known as ______________________ (name of the program).


Your child has shown interest in joining our Activity/Program. I am requesting that you give permission to your child to handle our classroom pets and give up the play portion of their lunch. The love and attention they show our pets are valuable in keeping them happy and healthy. Be assured that instructions regarding the care and handling of our classroom pets will be thoroughly explained and discussed. Below is a list of our fabulous animals:


The animals in our classroom have proven themselves to be gentle. No child is forced to handle or care for an animal that they are uncomfortable with handling. There are however, never any guarantees that if an animal is mishandled or threatened that the animal won’t bite.


Thank you in advance for allowing your child to care for and love our wonderful animals. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to take care of one of our animals over break.




I understand that precautions have been taken regarding the safe handling of classroom pets and I give %child_first_name%  %child_last_name%  my permission to handle and care for these classroom pets.


Animal 1
Animal 2
Animal 3
Animal 4

Contact information in case of emergency: