Class Pet at Home Permission Slip

In accordance with the School’s Policy, our class got a classroom pet. Many students have expressed interest in taking our pet home for a weekend. It is important to ensure proper handling and care. Although our classroom pets are generally “kid-friendly” it may still cause slight scratches or bites.

In line with this, the caregiver must perform several tasks to make sure that the pet will be taken care of during the weekends. The following are the tasks:

  1. The student must take care not to let our classroom pet be abused by other pets and younger children;
  2. The student must provide the weekend care;
  3. The student must observe pet care rules.

If you would like to allow your child to bring our pet home over the weekend please fill out the permission slip below. All necessary care items will be sent home with your child for that weekend.

Weekend Care:

  • Keep the cage clean;
  • Provide adequate water;
  • Provide fresh food.

Classroom Pet Care Rules:

  • I will treat the class pet with kindness and respect.
  • I will be gentle with our class pet.
  • I will not do anything intentionally to our pet that will cause her to bite or scratch

%child_first_name% %child_last_name%  has my permission to bring home the class pet.


I will help my child properly care for the class pet over the weekend.
In case of injury, I will not hold the teacher, school, or district liable.