After School Activities Permission Slip

By completing this form, you are allowing %child_first_name%  %child_last_name% to stay after school to partake in activities. The activities covered under this permission slip include sports programs, academic clubs and enrichment, intramural, and any other activity that would require your child to remain on the premises of our school beyond the normal school hours at any designated time throughout the academic school year.  

Likewise, if your child completes the necessary forms but fails to attend the activity and is not excused, he/she may be prohibited from future activities for a set amount of time.


Written Plan for Emergencies

As a parent/guardian, I understand that in case of emergency, first aid will be administered to my child and that I will be notified. I give permission to the school and its staff to obtain emergency medical treatment for my child. I understand that they will not be responsible for the cost of emergency treatment or for medical care given by emergency medical personnel. I also understand that all expenses incurred are my responsibility.


Final Note:

Students may not remain in the building unsupervised at the end of the school day or following after school activities. The administration reserves the right to contact the Police Department or the Department of Children and Families for students who are repeatedly left unattended by parents or guardians beyond the school day.


My child will take the late bus home at 4:00 pm.
I will be responsible for picking up my child at 4:00 pm.

Are there any health conditions we should know about?