Whether it’s a ditto machine, a mimeograph, or a modern day copying machine, the concept is the same. Give a student a sheet of paper to have signed by a parent and brought back.

The story is always the same.

The paper goes missing. The signature is OBVIOUSLY forged. Additional copies have to be made. Students forget. Parents are frustrated.

And don’t get me started on the filing!




The bursting folders in an attempt at organizing. And how long do organizers have to keep it all?

It’s time for an easy, low-cost solution – Forms that can sent to a parent’s cell phone to be signed and instantly returned MobilePermissions.com

These days having a paperless, hands-free solution is critical. MobilePermissions.com solves all of your problems for parent signatures:

For Schools

  • Online School Registration
  • Technology Checkout
  • Internet Usage Agreements
  • Band/Orchestra
  • Cell Phone Agreements
  • Sports Participation Forms
  • Field Trip Permission Slips
  • After School Activities
  • Movies Shown In The Classroom.

For Non-Profits

  • Media Release Forms
  • Overnight Camping
  • Volunteering
  • After School Activities
  • Health Forms
  • Sports Participation Forms
  • Clubs
  • Group Trips
  • Fundraisers
  • Childcare.

For Churches

  • Youth Activities
  • Mission Trip
  • Field Trip
  • Movies in Sunday School
  • Vacation Bible School.

Save the Parents!

Everyone knows that parents are more busy than ever and need help. Make their life easier with instant communication. Our permission slip service requires no app to download.

And please, no more writing checks!!  Who uses checks anymore?  (Sorry, Grandma!)

Your parents want a payment solution that is as modern as they are.

Parents want a safe, convenient, and CONTACTLESS way to pay with their credit card – a feature we provide.
Your parents will thank you!

Make Your Staff’s Life Easier

Organizations have enough going on these days with new social norms, skyrocketing stress-levels, increased demands on your employee’s time, and so very much more.

Why not provide your staff with a tool that is easy-to-use and solves a ton of problems.  Staff LOVE our service because:

  • You get a REAL signature – Not a clicked button. Parents actually sign with their finger!
  • Slips go directly to a parent’ cell phone. No forgetful children involved.
  • Permission slips frequently come back IN AN HOUR OR LESS – not a week or more.
  • Forms can easily be customized with student names automatically filled in, checkboxes and fields for parent feedback, and more.
  • Staff can create a library of permission slips to use over and over again.
  • It’s easy to see in an instant whose slips are still outstanding.
  • Collect Payments easily by credit card – no cash to lose or checks to deal with.
  • The system automatically generates Industry-Standard PDF files that are easily viewable and downloadable.
  • Our service fully complies with all Student Privacy concerns.

But let’s be honest, it really all comes down to price.

Everyone, especially schools, need to watch every dollar. When your budget is public record, you want to be able to justify every purchase you make.

When you choose Mobile Permissions, you get the piece of mind that you are choosing the best service with the LOWEST price. Here’s how we compare to our competitors:

Price for Schools / Non-Profits / Churches

MobilePermissions.com 1 – Year Contract As low as 35¢ / Child Per Year (based on Organization Size)
PermissionClick.com 3 – Year Contract $2 Per Child Per Year
Zippslip.com From $100 Per Year Per Staff Member
Fieldtriq.com 49¢ / Child Per Month

(I’d say pretty darn good, but I’m clearly biased.)

When it comes to determining cost, no one wants to spend their precious time getting a long-winded sales pitch by an overzealous agent.

Or worse yet, being forced to waste your precious time to call just to find out pricing.


For that reason, we openly post our prices so you can make a decision in your own time with no pressure.

We offer transparent pricing that discounts when you buy in bulk. No surprises. No long-term contracts.

Whooooo Hooo!

Want A Demo?


We offer free accounts to anyone. Each account includes 50 FREE credits to use our service. Simply sign up and try it out today.

Because it’s time to bring your permission slips into the 21st century.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our CEO, Shawn Harris who has all the answers.

Ready to make a purchase? Please fill out our easy online form with all your details to get started right away!


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